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  • Associate shall have the right to list the Vehicle on the s.s.travels platform as per his/her desire.
  • Each such listing (a "Listing") shall have a defined start time (the "Start Time") and end time (the "End Time") (such period from the Start Time to the End Time being called the "Listing Period") and choice of Designated Parking Location (as specified below). Listing can be created from us .
  • Associate shall ensure the availability of the Vehicle at the Designated Parking Location for bookings during a Listing.

Minimum Listing Duration and Gap

  • Each Listing Period shall be for a minimum of 24 hours.
  • Each Listing shall be created at least 12 hours in advance.

Cancelling or Rescheduling a Listing

  • Associate shall have the right to cancel or reschedule a Listing at any point of time.
  • Charges, as stipulated in section Other Charges, may be applicable on cancellation or rescheduling of a Listing under certain conditions.


  • Checklists help us ensure that all information regarding the car, the trip and customer experience are captured so we can serve our Associates and customers better.
  • Associate will be responsible for filling “Car Ready Checklist” within 12 hours of listing start time.
  • If the associate fails to fill it within mentioned timelines, then the associate will be charged a penalty of Rs. 300/- per hour until checklist is filled and the car will not be available for the s.s.travels customers to book.
  • If the Associate fails to fill the checklist within the above stipulated timelines, then the last available information with s.s.travels (for e.g. from the customer checklist) shall be deemed as final for the closure of the booking.


  • Associate shall ensure that the Vehicle has at least 30% fuel at the start of the listing.


  • Associate shall be responsible for ensuring that the Vehicle is provided to any customer in a clean condition.

Service & Maintenance

  • In the event the Vehicle meets with an accident while in the possession of s.s.travels customers, s.s.travels shall inform Associate of the same and s.s.travels will be responsible for getting the Vehicle repaired and bear all related costs (net of insurance proceeds.